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Predictable yet classic

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:21 am    Post subject: Predictable yet classic Reply with quote

Legally Blonde dvd is one of the reasons why I became a girlie girl. It sent a good message to me: hair colour doesn't change how smart you are. t was kind of obvious what was going to happen for me; she really does prove to everyone that she's really smart and then turns her ex boyfriend down. These type of films hold the same ending; they reach their goals successfully. Although I knew these things were going to happen, it was a classic nevertheless.
the best thing about this movie is that it proves blondes are NOT dumb!!! even though I'm a brunette, I prefer blondes because I don't like my hair colour on me. All my friends call me the blonde bimbo because I say such bonehead things and it takes me around 2 minutes maximum to get a joke, but when I saw Legally Blonde dvdwith all my friends I started proving to them that I'm ditzy but definitely Not dumb. I love what Reese Witherspoon brought to her character and how she acted like her; the way she walks, talks and gets a perspective of something, and I loved what she did at the ending when she solved her own case. It was really clever to refer to something as girlie as hair. And then the more obvious bit: the guy who likes her at the firm (Emmett) ends up with her, and happens to propose to her. Although this movie was in my top ten, the sequel was a mistake, but thankfully it didn't ruin the first one. It will always stay a favourite for me
Breaking Bad 1-3 season dvd
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