Katie Price

Name: Katie Price aka Jordan
Height: 5' 7''
Sex: F
Nationality: British
Date: May 22, 1978
Birth Place: Brighton, Great Britain
Occupation: model, singer
Stats: Was 36C-23-34 is now 34D-24-34
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Katie Price grew up in the seaside town of Brighton in Sussex. Becoming a glamorous model was far from Katie's mind whilst she was at school. Her stunning figure did not develop until she reached her sixteen birthday. She remembers, "I was totally flat-chested at school."

The decision to start modeling came after a friend suggested she have some photographs taken professionally. The pictures were sent to a modeling agency in London, and to her amazement, the agency invited her into their studios for a photo shoot, and to discuss a contract. Within weeks, Katie began appearing on page 3 of the national newspapers, and it was at this time when she changed her name to Jordan.

As her career began to blossom, her long time relationship with electrician Gary Bolingbroke began to wilt and the couple split up in 1997. Other brief relationships were to follow with soccer star Teddy Sheringham, and show-jumper Oliver Skeete. "I get loads of men chatting me up, but after a hard day's modeling all I want to do is to get to bed.. by myself."

In 1998, she met and fell instantly in love with TV Gladiator Ace, real-name Warren Foreman. "He's absolutely perfect," she says. "I couldn't find fault with him even if I wanted to. He's so strong, so kind, so understanding and gentle." The couple met at the beginning of 1998, whilst they were in pantomime together, and have hardly been apart ever since. "We can't stand being apart, when we're together, well, we just can't get enough of each other."

Also in 1998 Jordan and best friend Michelle Clack visited the British Troops in Kosovo on morale. Warren became jealous of the attention and their relationship dissolved.

In 1998 Jordan also auditioned for a part in the hit show "Baywatch" but wan unsuccessful.

Close friends of Jordan call her Kinky Kate. "I'm an outrageous woman", Jordan declares. "I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with sex, but like any healthy 20-year-old girl, I like it a lot. You can't beat sex outdoors and there's not many places I haven't done it.

Although she became a well-establish model, appearing on page 3 at least 4 times a week, and in men's entertainment magazines such as Loaded and FHM, Jordan still had a feeling of insecurity about her chest size. She thought that implants would look better. Friends, photographers that she worked with, and even her parents were against the idea. Nevertheless, the operation went ahead, and her breast size was increased from a B size to a D. "I always felt that I looked flat-chested," explained Jordan, "when I stood next to other girls on the glamour circuit."

On the days leading up to the operation, Jordan remembers feeling extremely nervous. "I was a nervous wreck when Warren took me to the hospital and really started panicking when the doctor came in and drew, in felt tip pen, where he was going to cut. I was convinced the anaesthetic wouldn't work and I'd feel everything. I was so scared that when they tried to put me out I wouldn't go under. I almost broke the doctor's hand because I was squeezing it so much."

The surgery took two hours to complete. "The first thing I did when I came round was peer down the dressings to have a look," she laughs. "I couldn't believe how huge I was. I loved it." She goes onto say, "Some mornings I wake up and hardly dare open my eyes in case all the wonderful things that have been happening to me turn out to be just a dream. If that happens, the first thing I'll do is to check whether my boobs are still there. To find they were just a figment of my imagination would be my very worst nightmare." Jordan is extremely pleased with her new voluptuous shape. "I love them," she says. "It's like having a new toy and can't stop running my hands over them. I feel more womanly, more confident and much more sexy."

Jordan's closest friend, Michelle Clark, who'd already had her breasts enlarged, warned her not to do it. Jordan reveals, "I love the plastic look though. Big hair, big make-up and big boobs. Pamela Anderson has the perfect figure as far as I'm concerned."
Following the successful operation, she decided never to posse for page 3 again, and instead focus on a new career. "I have been modeling for two years and really love it, but I have been having singing lessons for six months and want to move in that.
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